Vero Beach Dog Park

What We Do


What we do


The Board of Directors is a group of elected volunteers who work to provide and promote the wonderful 5-acre green space for locals, visitors, and their tail-wagging best friends.

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Board of Directors

President - Bob Joy

Sr. Vice President - Leah Muller

Vice President - Jill Jones

Secretary - Penny Chandler Norris

Treasurer - Clay Price

Director - Cindi Dixon

Director - Patti Hackett

Director - Matt Kolenda

Director - Christina Trammell

Director - Patsy Semple Tremaine

Director - Christine Walker

President Emeritus - James Welles


Professional Consultants

Attorney - Barry Segal

Clay Price & Associates - CPA

Surlaterre Landscape Architecture - Landscape

Vernon Scott Resort Wear - Retail Store Manager

Studio Gabriel - Retail Store Manager


Committees and Chairs

Fundraising Committee - Leah Muller

Governance & Newsletter Committee - Penny Chandler Norris

Incident Policies & Procedures Committee - Christina Trammell

Operations and Maintenance Committee– Jill Jones

Capital Campaign Committee – Bob Joy

Communications Committee – Penny Chandler Norris

Financial Committee – Clay Price


How to Help

We are always looking for volunteers - the more paws that help, the better.

Please visit our Contact page to submit a volunteer request, by clicking here.

Don't have the time? Please consider making a donation, please click the button below to help.