Vero Beach Dog Park

Park Rules


Park Rules

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...because we all misbehave sometimes.

This park is open to all from dawn to dusk free of charge. People using this park do so at their own risk and agree to observe the following rules. Persons who violate these rules are subject to removal from the park and may be prohibited from future use. Permission for use of this area is conditioned on strict compliance with the following regulations and all applicable provisions of the animal control ordinances.

Before You Enter The Park

  • Dogs must be kept on leashes upon entry and exit when outside the fences.

  • Dogs and minors must be attended by a responsible adult and supervised at all times.

  • Dogs must display their current rabies vaccination and applicable license tags on their collars.

  • For their own safety, dogs under four months of age are not permitted.

  • Male dogs must be neutered by one year of age.

  • Female dogs are not allowed in the park while in heat.

  • Smoking, alcoholic beverages, food, and dog treats are prohibited within the park.

  • Balls and frisbees for retrieving may be brought into the park at the owner’s risk. No other dog toys are allowed.

  • The small dog area is reserved for dogs weighing 30 pounds or less and for older, quieter or injured dogs of any size that can peacefully co-exist with the small dogs. Small dogs are also welcome in the large dog area at the owner’s risk.

Within The Park

  • Owners must be in control of their dogs and remove them at the first sign of aggression.

  • Owners must promptly clean up after their dogs.

  • No running by adults or children.

  • Digging is not permitted.

  • Profanity is prohibited. Please treat others with respect.

This park is leased from the City of Vero Beach by the Vero Beach Dog Park, Inc. who is responsible for making and enforcing these rules.

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